How to Take Green Coffee Bean Extract

Just about everyone has heard about the weight loss and other benefits of green coffee bean extract. The difference between the green bean and regular coffee is that the fat burning, Chlorogenic Acid, is not destroyed by heating in the unprocessed green beans. Processed coffee beans go through a roasting method that effectively destroys the bulk of this acid before it could reach you.  This product is now so popular it can be purchased in lots of places including online stores. The issue for some who want in on this amazing new weight loss product is to decide which brand to purchase. Others have to decide on how much to have if they decide to make their own.  What is not such common knowledge is how to take green coffee bean extract for maximum benefit.

Making Your Own Extract

Some people buy green coffee beans from health food stores, online or other sources and bring to a boil /simmer in distilled water for about 15 minutes. The distilled water has no additives that can affect the taste of the finished brew. After this period of boiling or simmering, the brew is set aside for approximately one hour, although it can be longer depending on taste. One ounce of this mixture can be taken in the morning and again in the evening. To make it more palatable, you can add honey or some other sweetener.

How to Reap the Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Like any other kind of supplement, you need to know how to take green coffee bean extract to maximize the benefits. Knowing the daily requirements and taking it at the right time will make all the difference in how well this supplement works. First off, this product should ideally be taken before eating as doing this helps to control blood sugar levels. Green coffee bean extract comes in a number of forms making it easy for people to take it in any way they prefer. Apart from tablets and capsules, it is available in powder and liquid forms.

The quantity to be taken varies depending on the maker, but the consensus is that is best taken between 10 and 30 minutes before eating. The dosage amount ranges between 400mg and 800mg two times a day.  Some research has even reported good weight loss results in people who use 200mg daily. For most persons, 400mg is the preferred dosage, but depending on the result, some users prefer to increase this slowly over a period of weeks or months. From articles published online, between 800mg to 1600mg per day is all that is needed to attain your weight loss goals.

The best guide to how many times per day to take this extract is to determine how many full meals you have per day. The supplement works by controlling blood sugar levels. If you will not be consuming carbohydrates at each meal there is no reason to take it before those that are carb free. Some studies show that taking 200mg of green coffee bean extract twice per day for 12 weeks resulted in an average of 2.5 kilo or five and a half pounds lost. The best thing about this is that the participants in the studies made no changes to their diet and exercise routines while taking the supplement.

Side Effects

No side effects have been reported from taking green coffee bean extract.  As a precautionary note, it is best if pregnant and nursing women not use green coffee bean extract without first talking to their doctor. Anyone who tends to have any type of reaction to caffeine, such as becoming jittery or high-strung, should discuss taking this supplement with a medical professional.

Having green coffee bean extract should become a daily habit so that you do not miss taking this supplement. To get the full benefits you need to take it consistently, but do not take extra if you miss a day or two. It will take approximately 12 weeks to start seeing any real results from taking the supplement if it is taken correctly. Adding exercise and a balanced diet to your daily activities will increase the weight loss benefits.

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